• Edith Kanana: Moving on, Moving up

    Edith came to Hope Children’s Fund’s Jerusha Mwiraria Children’s Home in 2011, worked her way through Gikumene Primary School and is now attending high school at the Kaaga Girls Secondary School. When classes are not in session, she returns to the children’s home. Edith was born on May 11, 2000, and her goal is to become a lawyer.

    Edith at Kaaga Girls Boarding School

    Favorite Subject: Mathematics — all types
    Kaaga Compulsory Courses: Kiswahili as well as the following courses taught in English: History, CRE (Christian Religion), English, Aerobics and Science
    Edith’s Elective: German— the only foreign language offered. Computer lessons are also available.
    Class Trip: There is one class trip per year and the entire 10th grade (Form 2) gets to choose, though nothing has been decided yet for this year. Edith would like to go to anywhere in Nairobi because she has never visited the “big city.”
    Best Friend: Felicity Kanini at Jerusha Mwiraria Children’s Home. They room together and always help each other. They share clothing and chores.

    A Day in the Life of Edith

    Life at Kaaga Girls Boarding School

    There are three terms to a school year: 14 weeks, 14 weeks and 11 weeks. The school year is a calendar year. When the school year is not in session, Edith returns to Jerusha Mwiraria Children’s Home.

    There are a little more than 200 girls in Edith’s grade level (sophomore year is called Form 2) and 800 in the school. The school is gated and guarded. Almost all high schools are gender segregated.

    The girls wear no jewelry or ngernail polish; however, they are allowed to wear polish on their toes.

    There are approximately 70 girls in Edith’s dorm room in either twin or triple bunk beds. Each girl has a foot locker to store belongings. Edith also has a foot locker at Jerusha Mwiraria Children’s Home.

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